Warren Lyker

Town guard and hunter of nightmares



Str – 13
Dex – 14
Con – 14
Int – 9
Wis – 14
Cha – 12

Deity: Erastil


Warren Lyker, son of Tobias Lyker the “Wolfhound”, wanted nothing more than to follow in his father’s footsteps. He trained to hunt, to track, and even to think like the beast that had destroyed his family all those years ago. More than thirty years before Warren was born, a werewolf attacked the town of Astrum and killed dozens of people while the so called “protectors” of the town were unable to defend their charges against the savagery of the beast. In the devastation, the beast murdered the entire Lyker family, save Tobias, who was left with a horrific scar and a single purpose. To slay the beast, no matter the cost.

This single-minded desire was impressed upon Warren at an early age, and anything to contrary was met with quick punishment. Tobias was not a very kind man and was easily provoked to violence, though despite his flaws, he put the lives of the townsfolk well above his own and defended their homes valiantly. It is within this shadow of altruism and abuse that Warren grew into a man. Finding it easier to make friends with animals rather than people, Warren tended towards spending time in the wilderness hunting and tracking the animals therein. It was not until his 16th birthday that Warren’s training was truly tested. Signs of the beast who had laid dormant for so many years sprang up in the North. Tobias left without a second’s hesitation and left the care of his mother and three other siblings to Warren. Tobias was not heard from for several months, until a courier came bearing the tattered remains of his cloak and a short message marking his passing.

Rumors spread throughout Astrum that Tobias had gone mad at the thought of the beast killing again and threw his life away at a chance to kill it. No matter the events that lead to it, as far as Warren was concerned, the end result was all that mattered. With his father gone, Warren knew he would have to provide for his family. With this burden came the grim satisfaction that his mentor, and tormentor, was dead and no longer did he have to live within his father’s shadow. Now he could be the man that he wanted to be. But before he could do that, Warren had only one piece of unfinished business to attend to: Find the beast, and finally give it the gruesome death that it deserves.

Warren Lyker

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