25 Years Later
History of the Kingdoms

Brevroy: A nation split in two. Never has the adage been more true than now. The kingdom’s two halves, Issia and Rostland, have been at odds for years. But recently the nation has entered full on civil war. Issa, the traditionalists reside in the snowy, harsh North. Rostland, home of the Swordlords, fights for its independence in the South. The Surtova family still declares itself ruler over the entirety of the Kingdom, but it is well known fact that their hold, and Issa’s hold in general, is slipping. The Swordlords advanced training, combat ingenuity and refreshing song of independence is winning the hearts, minds and sword arms of people every day.

The Kingdom of Veritos long ago declared its independence. It allies with neither side and offers no aid. Despite its roots in the Swordlords of Rostland, It considers both Kingdoms neutral and trades with either when it is to its benefit.

The Kingdom of Veritas thrives. Its capital city, Astrium, City of Stars is the jewel of the Riverlands. Not yet a metropolis it is nonetheless a bustling city with plenty to do and plenty of trouble to get into. The strength of the Kingdom has brought a time of relative peace to the otherwise chaotic Riverlands. All of the surrounding cities have either been conquered or have at least a steady relationship with the kingdom. This is not to say that the Kingdom, like all, does not have it’s own problems. There are still miscontents in conquered cities. And while Astrium is an urban center, the surrounding Riverlands still serve as reminder of the Kingdoms rural nature. Monsters and creatures still lurk in the woods, swamps and mountains. A growing population and relatively open borders leads to at least some trouble makers. But overall Veritas thrives. Far better than it’s parent nation to the north.


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