25 Years Later

Brevroy: A nation split in two. Never has the adage been more true than now. The kingdom’s two halves, Issia and Rostland, have been at odds for years. But recently the nation has entered full on civil war. Issa, the traditionalists reside in the snowy, harsh North. Rostland, home of the Swordlords, fights for its independence in the South. The Surtova family still declares itself ruler over the entirety of the Kingdom, but it is well known fact that their hold, and Issa’s hold in general, is slipping. The Swordlords advanced training, combat ingenuity and refreshing song of independence is winning the hearts, minds and sword arms of people every day.

The Kingdom of Veritos long ago declared its independence. It allies with neither side and offers no aid. Despite its roots in the Swordlords of Rostland, It considers both Kingdoms neutral and trades with either when it is to its benefit.

The Kingdom of Veritas thrives. Its capital city, Astrium, City of Stars is the jewel of the Riverlands. Not yet a metropolis it is nonetheless a bustling city with plenty to do and plenty of trouble to get into. The strength of the Kingdom has brought a time of relative peace to the otherwise chaotic Riverlands. All of the surrounding cities have either been conquered or have at least a steady relationship with the kingdom. This is not to say that the Kingdom, like all, does not have it’s own problems. There are still miscontents in conquered cities. And while Astrium is an urban center, the surrounding Riverlands still serve as reminder of the Kingdoms rural nature. Monsters and creatures still lurk in the woods, swamps and mountains. A growing population and relatively open borders leads to at least some trouble makers. But overall Veritas thrives. Far better than it’s parent nation to the north.


I suppose one of the things I should do is more accurately describe to you guys what this game is and what it is not. This game is NOT Kingmaker. This game is NOT Kingmaker 2. In all honesty, it’s barely the SEQUAL to Kingmaker. We all want a great game. And Kingmaker was a great game. But it’s not the only great game. Kingmaker will only serve as a sort of backdrop for this game.

By that I mean that some of the NPCs will be characters from Kingmaker. Some will be connected to those characters. Some of the locations may be familiar. However, the similarities to Kingmaker will likely end there. I intend for this game to be a much more traditional game than Kingmaker was. It will be a little more linear with more traditional game qualities. You will NOT serve as the rulers or even people with control over the future of the Kingdom. You do not serve on the Kingdom’s council. The idea is that you are the heroes that arise out of the kingdom and city that your OLD characters built. You are not going to be exploring hexes, claiming land and building city blocks. You’ll be focused on slaying monsters, solving problems, going on adventures and gathering loot (as well as getting to the know the colorful citizenry).

I do not intend for this to be a particularly long game. I have a set story arc in mind and that is likely the extent of the game. Part of this game will involve time jumps. By that I mean, after a session I may tell you that 6 months or a year has passed until the next session. This will allow for a LITTLE of the feel of Kingmaker and let your characters develop into people, not just sword swinging cardboard cutouts. With that said, I am purposefully not telling you the levels our games will be played at or the planned end level of the campaign. I don’t want you planning your guy eight levels in advance. Level your guy the way you would level him, not the fastest way to get to “uber-mega class feature + feat cheeze broken c-c-c-c-combo!” Like I always say, make characters. I know I’ve already heard, “My 7th level feat is already taken. I have to have the feat or I’m not playable!”. Stop that. You may not even get to the level you are planning for and I don’t want anyone getting dissapointed because their “concept” didn’t come to life because you didn’t attain a certain level or class feature. Just make a fun adventurer and help him grow in an interesting way.

I’ll give another update when I get a chance and have more.

The Announcement

Alright, everyone wants to play a little nerd again, get the five man band back together. I don’t know if your PLAN was to have everyone suggest I run a game or if it was just a natural result of me being unemployed. Well, either way, I’ll give you your game. Give me a bit to get some things sorted and planned out. I have a general idea and a very rough outline currently. Once I get that fleshed out and at least one session planned, we’ll get going. You can be thinking of character ideas but it may be best to wait a little as I get the setting and its details sorted out.

So what will the game be? Well, it seems I’m a one trick pony. I suppose that’s okay when your one trick was Kingmaker. So, here goes nothing. Without further delay, I present to you

 photo heromakerbanner.png

Story Details

Set in the world of our previous Kingmaker game, approximately 50 years after the game that your group played in. Some familiar faces may still be alive and others will have passed. The game will be centered in the Kingdom of Veritos (which has grown significantly to become nearly half the size of Brevoy). I will fill in the details of the Kingdom and surrounding areas in the near future.

Plan to create characters that would have a reason to be in Veritos, either they have been there for awhile or are just coming into town, and would be looking for adventure.

I intend for the game to be a little bit of a classic, fantasy adventure pathfinder game (something with which everyone is familiar) with new, fresh characters as well as a homecoming of sorts for you, the players, to visit the kingdom you once built and to give some closure to the game we all enjoyed for over a year.

Character Creation

1. Pathfinder System
2. 15 Point Buy
3. Core and APG are presumed legal, everything else presumed illegal
4. Everything CAN be veto’ed (even Core and APG)
5. NOTHING from 3.5 or outside sources
6. No 7’s allowed
7. No more than one 8 allowed
8. No evil alignment
9. Max HP at first level
10. You know me. Have fun and make characters you want to play. Characters that will be enjoyable for you to play. Not numbers that you are really excited to add to a die roll and compare against another number that I write down on a piece of paper.


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